Mr. Goooal@GolfWRX
I purchased the golf swing shirt about 2 months ago. It has really helped me stay connected. I am a 4 to 5 handicap, dont play or practice nearly enough. My one bad habit is getting to fast with the hands and arms, especially at the top of the swing. This shirt has really made my practice time more productive and it has translated over to the course. I would highly recommond this training aid if you need help in staying connected.
Mike Doyle
Ray I just wanted to thank you for making the swing shirt. I bought one from you at Hyatt Hills and you were so kind you gave one to my twin boys. Since I've started using it my ball striking has become very consistent. I've taken all the clutter out of my swing thoughts and just concentrate on making a good turn and your tip- getting my hands slightly ahead at impact. You told me it's impossible to take a divot if your hands are behind the club head at impact, what a great thought! I've gone from shooting 92's to 88's. It was the best money in golf I ever spent. Bes of luck to you and happy holidays. Mike Doyle
Jamie S.
Ray, I just wanted to let you know that the shirt fit great and is simply a wonderful product. I’m a scratch hdcp competitive mid am player and I am always looking for ways to improve. Your product is the best I’ve ever tried that truly and instantly lets you feel what a connected swing should feel like. Congrats and best of luck on your continued success.


Ok I received mine in the mail today! Exactly one week after ordering which I think is pretty good delivery time from the US to The Netherlands. Naturally couldn't wait to try it so within an hour of receiving it I was on my way to the range. One word: WOW! Once I got there the range was pretty packed, lots of people. The shirt is curious looking at best so I was a little hesitant to put it on right away. I just started hitting some balls without the shirt and it was not going all too well. Some very solid shots, some slight mis shits and about 1 in 10 shots a dead shank. Shanks very rarely happen when I play but on the range they sometimes pop up out of nowhere. All in all I wasn't hitting it very well and I got a bit frustrated. I thought what the hell, lets put the shirt on. I look stupid enough shanking the ball so what does it matter. So I put it on, ignore looks from the people around me best I can, grab myself a 9 iron, make some practice swings, set up, take a swing and THUD! The beautiful sound of a well compressed ball. High, straight, long. About 10 yards further than I normally hit my 9 iron. Wow, lets try that again. THUD! Same result. It felt so solid and natural. I felt like all I had to do was turn and turn again and I hit a great shot. After a couple shots I grabbed a 7 iron. Same thing. Turn, turn again, great shot, slight draw and LONG. I just couldn't miss anymore. As I went on to longer clubs I kept getting great results. I was slicing my driver badly lately. Now? Gentle fade. Ray... you are a genius !!!
OK so I’ve just had my second practice session with my new Golf Swing Shirt. A little background, I’m a Golf pro and bought this,not as a teaching aid but, to work on my own Golf swing. I’ve always wanted the feeling of the arms and body working together, the pivot controlling the movement and especially the release. For me this has been an instant eureka, a glove under the armpit doesn’t compare. It has single handedly changed my Swing feel and brought about a new feeling of what I would call machine like repetitive movement and a controlled body release of the club head. I would say at first it felt uncomfortable and I was doubtful, because it felt tight,that i could make a decent pass at the ball. As time went on my Swing moulded with the shirt or the shirt moulded my Swing and bingo a new and desired feeling after 30 years of practice and a rifle like ball flight. Now this shirt wouldn’t work for a Bubba, Couples, Furyk, etc…. but a Hogan or Faldo..yes..and if you see the swing more this way then give this a try it's the best Swing aid I’ve ever tried!!!
Bought my swing shirt last fall at Plainfield West. Had good/bad sessions: it connected me without restricting me, but I tended to try to hit the ball with my upper body (6'2" with 36" arms). Took it out to the Essex Co range yesterday, and tried it again, good results, hit about 100 of 150 balls with a forged old 3 iron, and most were very solid hits. The change that worked for me was to keep my hands low at address, and to start the swing with a small wrist break which keeps my hands in front of my body throughout the swing. From there I just swung to the top, with the shirt helping to prevent too long backswing. Key swing thought was to rotate body left. The shirt ensures your arms/hands will go left and low. The results were impressive, I always have trouble hitting solid shots. Don't forget to bring a towel and spare shirt, as you will sweat a bit with the swing shirt (but WORTH it), Good luck!


This shirt is arguably the best investment I’ve ever made in my golf game. Seriously, it's that good. I'm currently a 9 handicap that struggles with a swing that is slightly too long, a right elbow that flies a bit too much, some disconnection between my arms and everything else, and hips that are probably too quick for my upper torso. This shirt is like black magic and has cured pretty much every problem listed above in a single range session. Irons were crisp and long, even though I sometimes didn't quite catch the middle, and when I did, wow. I figured I had this down so I took out my driver without the shirt and hit some good shots. Then, for the hell of it I went back into the trunk and on my very first swing -- MOTHER OF GOD. I could have easily just hit the longest drive of my life into a headwind. This was just a bullet, and I have zero clue how it happened. Try it again, another firecracker. At this point my jaw is on the range mat and I’m just giggling hysterically. Does this shirt look ridiculous? Yes. Did I intentionally go to the end stalls? Yes. Will I practice swing at home with it on and bring it with my to every range session from here on out? Yes. If results going forward are even a fraction of what occurred today, this shirt is going to be a godsend to my golf game. BUY ONE.
AMAZING!! aide!! Started with 3/4 gap wedge then full PW shots and it was night and day. GSS keeps the left bicep area close to the chest and keeps the club head out and away in front of your chest. the downswing starts and I feel like my arm stays "attached" to my chest. SOLID SOLID contact and I was seeing tight baby draws. Im not a "digger" at all but it was nice to see some turf chasing my ball LOL. It also helps keeping the elbows pointing to the ground ala Ben Hogan where as i use to have my left kinda pointing towards the target
After only a couple sessions with the shirt I shot a combined 2 over par 74 for my last two nine hole rounds! I'm around a 16 handicap and this is by far the best I've ever scored. It could be coincidence but I don't think it is. The feeling of the shirt translates really well into my actual swing. I love it!


I have always wondered, "what would it be like if I could feel what a tour pro's swing was like for a single range session. I mean, in a non creepy way, enter their body and experience their swing. I've always thought that would revolutionize my swing because I could feel my swing errors. Well, the GSS is about as close as I have come to that. I've used it twice now and the feel is so different from what I'm used to that I'm beginning to u deist and what they mean by connection. I've tried the ball between the forearms, the towel under the arms. They never worked for me. This shirt is changing my swing for the better.
Today was my fourth range session with it and i am finally getting to the point where I am not just flailing at it. I am a 7/8 handicap but i am also 6'4" so i tend to have a lot of moving parts and be very armsy. Disaster at first with the shirt. Scores went up and i felt way out of whack. But putting the time in is making some changes in my swing that is helping simplify things. This is the best aid I've ever had.
Greg G.
I just purchased my second Golf Swing Shirt, and I agree it's the best training aid I have ever used, I'm down to a 5.8 from a 7.8, and I believe it's due to your shirt! Amazing how you feel your body turn after you take it off and play, I use it to warm up prior to every round. I also had a chance to play some great courses this year and you will be proud to know I used it on the range at East Lake, Atlanta Athletic Club, Olympic, Monterrey Peninsula Country Club, the Preserve, Trump National Jupiter, SF Country Club, Myopia and my home course Renaissance. I get a lot of strange looks, but members are now asking how to get one.


Got my shirt and had two range sessions. I will echo that it is a fantastic product. I new I was a handy flipper and the connected feeling is addictive. I think it will take a bunch more range sessions to get my swing to adjust. First couple of shots were thin and right. Once I got it corrected my irons were about 1 club longer and I felt like I was swinging with less effort. Great product!