The Golf Swing Shirt is the #1 golf swing trainer since 2013 for golfers of all skill levels. Practice with EVERY club in the bag ! Sold in 90 Countries-join over 100,000 golfers who love to practice with The Golf Swing Shirt...

For serious golfers of any age looking to quickly improve their golf swing. Five minutes per day at home or at the driving range is all it takes!

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20 more yards off the tee !

Finally you will have a golf swing to hit longer drives and great irons !

Review: " I saw on social media your product and rolled the dice and ordered. I spent no more than 15 minutes each morning before going to the office for a week, simply wearing the product and swinging in my garage. It’s important to emphasize I was swinging only and no ball hitting was involved. At the end of the week I played my normal Saturday morning game and shot a boring 68. My lowest score for several years. The quality of my ball striking was dramatically improved. My golf comrades wanted to know what I had done since the previous Saturday. My index is now a 1.3 and my overall scoring average ranges from two under to a few over depending on my fickle putting. This is a terrific product for anyone wanting to feel the appropriate action in an core generated golf swing.”

Timothy Jonessmith

Review: 10/30/23 "Every golfer should have one. If you have ever seen the drawing of Ben Hogan with his arms bound together, the club cant get stuck behind you on the downswing. You are hitting the ball with the rotation of your body. Its always in my bag and I use it for every range session.

Lee Bradley

Why Practice with The Golf Swing Shirt?

  1. Promotes a Connected Swing: The Golf Swing Shirt is designed to keep the arms and body connected during the golf swing. This promotes a more synchronized and efficient swing, which can lead to greater consistency and accuracy in their shots.
  2. Improves Swing Plane: It helps golfers maintain the correct swing plane by providing resistance and feedback. This can help prevent over-the-top or steep swings, which are common swing faults.
  3. Enhances Feel and Sensation: Golfers often use the shirt to develop a better feel for the golf swing. It provides a snug fit and pressure points that allow golfers to sense the proper positions and movements in their swing.
  4. Reduces Excessive Arm Movement: The Golf Swing Shirt restricts the movement of the arms, discouraging excessive arm movement during the swing. This can lead to a smoother and more controlled swing.
  5. Aids in Muscle Memory: Regularly practicing with The Golf Swing Shirt can help golfers develop muscle memory for a more repeatable swing. This muscle memory can be carried over to their regular swing without the shirt.
  6. Feedback and Instant Correction: When using the shirt, golfers can quickly identify flaws in their swing by how it feels and performs. This immediate feedback allows for on-the-spot corrections.
  7. Versatility: The Golf Swing Shirt is versatile and can be used with different clubs, making it suitable for various aspects of the game, from driving to putting.
  8. Training in Any Environment: Golfers can use The Golf Swing Shirt both on and off the golf course, making it a convenient training aid that doesn't require hitting actual golf balls.
  9. Develops Consistency: The consistent pressure and feedback provided by the shirt can help golfers develop a more consistent and repeatable swing, which is crucial for improving their overall game.
  10. Building Confidence: As golfers become more comfortable and confident in their swing while using The Golf Swing Shirt, they may carry over this newfound confidence to their regular swings on the course.

In summary, The Golf Swing Shirt is a training aid that helps golfers develop a more connected, efficient, and consistent golf swing. It provides feedback, promotes muscle memory, and can be used for various aspects of the game, ultimately helping golfers improve their overall performance..


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Simply the best way to practice and here is why:

Question : Why train with The Golf Swing Shirt?

ANSWER: The Golf Swing Shirt is a lightweight high performance stretch shirt that immediately helps you feel like your arms and upper body are working in sync to strike the ball. Its very simple and effective- just put it over your golf shirt and start swinging !

Question :

Why is feeling of  "CONNECTION"  important in the golf swing ?

Answer: When you are "CONNECTED" you feel like your entire body is striking the ball instead of trying to perfectly time your swing with your hands and arms and other  unnecessary and unreliable body movements. 


Can I use The Golf Swing Shirt with every club in the bag ?

ANSWER: YES!  You start the practice with wedges and then move all the way up to driver. It is also a great way to practice shipping and putting since you are better able to maintain a "triangle" with the arms and shoulders. 


How long should I keep the Golf Swing Shirt on while practicing ?

ANSWER: We recommend that you use it for 15-30 minutes on the range and definitely before a round of golf.



Can I play a round of golf while wearing The Golf Swing Shirt ?


YES ! You can practice on the course with The Golf Swing Shirt and it will be able to easily take what you have been practicing on the driving range to the golf course and make permanent, positive and noticeable changes. You will drive the ball longer and straighter and hit crisper irons ! It is not legal in competition though!