European Tour Endorsers

The following players have actively trained with The Golf Swing Shirt or used the product before an official tour event in 2013, showcasing their commitment to excellence and innovation in golf.

Steve Webster


A seasoned European Tour player, Steve Webster is known for his consistent performance and dedication to refining his golf swing.

David Horsey


Renowned for his impressive victories and steady progress on the European Tour, David Horsey trusts The Golf Swing Shirt to enhance his game.

Scott Arnold


Scott Arnold, a talented golfer from Australia, leverages The Golf Swing Shirt to maintain his competitive edge on the European Tour.

Daniel Gaunt


Daniel Gaunt, celebrated for his skill and precision, uses The Golf Swing Shirt to ensure his swing remains sharp and effective.

“After using the Golf Swing Shirt, my ball striking has dramatically improved. It’s a terrific product for anyone wanting to feel the appropriate action in a core-generated golf swing.”

— Timothy Jonessmith

“The Golf Swing Shirt gives you the sensation of having your elbows more down and together, which is the feeling you want.”

— John Strege, Editor at Golf Digest