Our Esteemed Endorsers

The following players have actively trained with The Golf Swing Shirt or have used the product before an official Web.com tour event in 2013:

Padraig Harrington


A three-time major champion from Ireland, Padraig Harrington is known for his remarkable consistency and technical prowess on the golf course. He uses some unconventional methods to ensure his performance is at its peak such as those mentioned in this article.

Jason Bohn

United States of America

An accomplished American golfer, Jason Bohn has made his mark on the PGA Tour with multiple wins and a resilient playing style.

“After using the Golf Swing Shirt, my ball striking has dramatically improved. It’s a terrific product for anyone wanting to feel the appropriate action in a core-generated golf swing.”

— Timothy Jonessmith

“The Golf Swing Shirt gives you the sensation of having your elbows more down and together, which is the feeling you want.”

— John Strege, Editor at Golf Digest