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The Golf Swing Shirt is a patented and award-winning golf swing training aid, endorsed by teaching legend Jimmy Ballard and three-time major winner Padraig Harrington. When you slip on this specially structured compression shirt you will feel a sensation of "connection" which is exactly what the best ball-strikers feel as they are swinging.

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The Golf Swing Shirt can be used on the driving range as well as on the course to groove a reliable golf swing. In your first session of practicing with the Golf Swing Shirt you will feel that you are using your body more to strike the ball rather than throwing your hands and arms at the ball. Do you want to eliminate your slice or hook for good? Then practice with The Golf Swing Shirt and it will teach you how to square the club face with your body rather than trying to time your hands at impact, which is one of the main reasons for inconsistencies in the golf swing.


-Do YOU want to learn how to get out of the sand and become a great bunker player? The Golf Swing Shirt will help you to learn an efficient move to pop the ball out of the bunker every time! You will no longer be afraid of trying to get the ball out of the sand!


-Do YOU want to learn how to be a great putter? The Golf Swing Shirt will help you quiet your arms and hands and maintain your "triangle" and groove a perfect pendulum stroke.

Most great putters maintain the "triangle" and simply rock their shoulders.


-Do YOU want to learn how to chip and pitch to save five strokes per round? Again, The Golf Swing Shirt will help you stop "flipping" at the ball and groove a reliable chipping and pitching motion.


Get The Golf Swing Shirt and finally become a great ball striker! This product is endorsed by dozens of the best PGA instructors in the world and it is used by over 30 PGA Professionals on the PGA, Web.Com, European, LPGA, and Challenge Tour. The list of players using it grows each day !!!!