Mocokid - GolfWRX Golf swing tips


Bought my swing shirt last fall at Plainfield West.  It connected me without restricting me, but I tended to try to hit the ball with my upper body (6'2" with 36" arms). Took it out to the Essex Co range yesterday, and tried it again, good results, hit about 100 of 150 balls with a forged old 3 iron, and most were very solid hits. The change that worked for me was to keep my hands low at address, and to start the swing with a small wrist break which keeps my hands in front of my body throughout the swing. From there I just swung to the top, with the shirt helping to prevent too long backswing. Key swing thought was to rotate body left. The shirt ensures your arms/hands will go left and low. The results were impressive, I always have trouble hitting solid shots. Don't forget to bring a towel and spare shirt, as you will sweat a bit with the swing shirt (but WORTH it), Good luck!